God's Creation = Pristine Health


Man's Intervention = Dis-Ease


Iatrogenic Genocide

is a phrase I have coined to mean: Man made killing diseases through the use of drugs and frankenfoods to make lots of money and control population.

After 40 plus years in the Health Care field and seeing all the fraud and mis-direction, lies, and lack of truth in Health and Healing, I’ve decided to share my experiences through this site, The Body Is The Cure. My first observation is that we do not have a Health Care System!

It is Dis-Ease Maintenance! Billions of dollars are being spent on maintaining a state of dis-ease by addressing the symptom and trying to control it with poisons (known as medicine or drugs) for as long as possible.

When the poison begins reaching a toxic level and causes an allergic reaction, the original poison is switched for another poison until it starts creating trouble and then another toxic poison (aka medicine) is introduced.

Each poison is designed to stop the poisoning effect of each previous poison, which increases the toxic and sick condition of the body.

Eventually this condition becomes chronic, you spend the rest of your life paying dearly for the controlled ignorance of your physician or chemically trained witch doctor who administers his voodoo concoction while making you sicker and lining his and the pharmaceutical partners pockets with gold.

The early Alchemists who spent years trying to transmute base metals into gold have been outdone by the pharmaceutical witchcraft toxic drug producers and their pushers in white coats.

Sorcery, witchcraft, and magic will not heal! Only the body can do that!!


No food, Herb, drug, or Con-coction heals. Only the body can do that!!

The only result of this mis-directed assault on the body of living things and all forms of life is a chronic condition called Iatrogenic Dis-Ease! This is a Man Made Dis-Ease caused by the toxic poisoning of all life cells by interfering with and blocking or impairing natural life functioning.

It is imperative that we learn how the life needs of our cells are to be sustained and follow the blueprint of our Creator and learn why The Body Is The Cure.

It takes Life to bring Life to all living cells and that life substance is called NUTRIENTS! That’s what we find in all Living RAW Foods.

I will be going into the many dichotomies in relation to health, healing, sickness, dis-ease, nutrition, living, and dying. We must break through the many illusions created by the pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, chemical, and product producers who make things to supply our daily desires and needs.

You will be given the opportunity to learn the CAUSE of sickness and Dis-Ease and learn how to Leave The Body Intelligently Alone. It will heal itself when its daily needs are met.

The truth will be here at The Body Is The Cure when you are ready, and I will do my best to educate and direct you in the honest real natural health needs of life.

May the blessings be,

Alan Woods